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Oriental Rug Repair
The repair and restoration of antique oriental rugs is truly one of our greatest passions. To pour life back into a work of woven art, to restore its beauty and make it last through the generations is genuine beauty.

We provide a full range of superior rug and kilim repair and restoration services, including those necessary to address the following common problems faced by rug and kilim owners:

Worn fringes:  
Repairing the "Ends"
The ends of the rug are the two sides with fringe along the width of the rug. 
When it comes to the ends, there are several options: New Fringes, Fringe Removal or Implanting Fringe. All of these options do fully secure and protect the rug from unravelling and keep the rug looking great and lasting for generations to come.
                         Before                                                   New Fringes, After
Repairing the "Sides" , selvage (selvedge) of area rugs,
What we call the "sides" of the rug are the sides without fringe along the length of the rug. To repair the sides, we wrap the side with wool that not only protects the rug from unravelling but also looks clean and original.
          Implanting Fringes                                       After
                    Sides - Before                                                                       Sides - After
      "Sides & Ends" Before                                                          "Sides & Ends" After

Repairing a Hole
Repairing holes are a two step process. The first and most important step is to rebuild the foundation of the carpet.
The second step is to weave the area over the foundation as the rug was originally woven. Here the wool is matched precisely and skillfully woven. After, the area is sheared down to match the pile height of the rest of the carpet.
before                                          After                                                   Before                                            After
Repairing Moth Damage
As you may know, moths eat organic vegetable dyed wool but not cotton. Since most rugs have a cotton foundation, the foundation of the rug remains intact. 
​Rugs that have a wool foundation will usually have a hole in damaged areas. This too can be repaired, but the foundation would have to be rebuilt as well.
             Moth Damage area                           Repiling the damaged area                                    After
Repairing Dry Rot
Dry rot occurs when a rug gets wet and does not dry quickly enough. The mildew that is formed eats the foundation of the rug causing a very fragile areas that usually go unnoticed until the carpet has to be moved.
A common cause of dry rot is when a plant is placed on top of a rug and water leaks from the pot onto the rug. The rug stays damp and drys slowly which causes a fragile area around the pot.
                   Dry Rot                                 After                                       Dry Rot                                     After
Complete Restoration of antique rugs
Carpets, like many other things, are not made like they used to. But after over a century, even the best made carpets suffer normal wear and tear. We recommend restoration to carpets that are antique and one of a kind. 
Restoring antique oriental carpets is a passion of ours. Once restored, these works of woven art live on to be valued and cherished by many future generations

Resizing Rugs
We do recommend trading in oriental rugs that do not fit in a new location, however in some cases, for example, sentimental reasons, it is important to have a rug resized. This can be done very precisely in which the design can be matched accurately and beautifully creating an entirely new look while preserving the carpet's essence.
          Before Resizing                          After                             Before  Resizing                      After
        Before Restoration                                 After                            Before Restoration                        After

Expert Cleaning and Repair services for many rug types;

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Before Restoration                             After
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We are committed to providing our clients with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about how to care for and preserve their rugs and kilims for years to come. As such, we provide free inspections of all clients' rugs and kilims in need of repair or restoration. During these inspections, we provide detailed explanations of the various repair and restoration options available to our clients. In addition, we provide clear and detailed information regarding the price of all repair and restoration options available to our clients. 

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